Saturday, February 17, 2018

What is a Podcast and Why Did I Start One on Dementia?

What is a Podcast?
A podcast is simply a recorded audio broadcast that you can listen to on your smartphone or on your computer. 

Why Did I Start a Podcast?
I dig podcasts myself and it's yet another media outlet for dementia education, especially those who prefer to learn by listening (and who are busy). 

Podcasts work for me -and may work for you- because I download them to my iPhone and listen to them on my commute to work or while doing chores around the house. Of course, I always have a pen and paper handy for when I hear something I want to take action on.

What is The Peace with Dementia Podcast?
While there is plenty of information on dementia caregiving on the web, I wanted to create a hub for all of the important, but unique information out there.  Being a Gerontologist, I read a great deal of research studies that do not make it into the popular media/news but should be there.  Also, as I network with researchers, care partners, and other professionals locally and around the country, I learn of many diverse programs and ideas that may be helpful to others.

Why Do I Say the PWD Podcast audience includes Persons Living with Dementia?
A foundational principle of the PWD Podcast is that persons living with dementia have many abilities including understanding the educational content, sharing it with others, and taking action.  This ability depends on the unique person, the stage of the dementia, and their level of motivation.  The world is blessed with many vocal advocates who are living with dementia.

What Types of Content Can I Expect from the PWD Podcast?
Episodes usually feature me discussing some aspect of care partnering, whereby I share additional resources/links, and suggest some ideas to take action on the ideas to create Peace with Dementia.  Other episodes will include interviews with:

  • Researchers in dementia care
  • Clinicians
  • Family care partners
  • Persons living with dementia

What are Show Notes and Why are They Important?
Show notes are Google documents with the key ideas from the episode, tips for action, citations of research studies, biographies of interview guests, books/videos mentioned, a link to the podcast,and more.  It's an awesome document to share!

How Can You Help?
Consider spreading the word about the Peace with Dementia Podcast through personal emails, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc).  Tell your doctor's office of this free and impactful educational resource. 
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