Thursday, December 13, 2018

Available Soon: The Peace with Dementia Rosary Book

My new book, The Peace with Dementia Rosary: Education, Intentions, Community will be available in January 2019.  The audience, as you may imagine, is Catholic families experiencing dementia.  It's a primer on creating a better quality of life, with many resources for learning beyond the book.  This special Rosary will also focus prayer intentions around the many ups and downs of the dementia journey.  Readers will enjoy bonus materials like downloads of care partner guide sheets, as well as access to new guide sheets and resources as they are created.  It's a book that keeps on giving!    

The companion site host a blog, podcast, and a place where members of the community can post their personal dementia prayers. In the future, look for online recitations of the Rosary and Peace with Dementia groups in your local parishes.

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